A Mother Touch—






     If parents desire their children to be pure, they must surround them with pure associations, such as God can approve. The home must be kept pure and clean.  Unclean, neglected corners in the house will tend to make         impure,

neglected corners in the soul. Mothers, you are the educators of your children, and you can do a great deal if you begin early to inculcate pure thoughts, by fitting up their rooms in a cleanly, tasteful, attractive manner. If the children have a room which they know is their own, and if they are taught how to keep it tidy and make it pleasant, they will have a sense of ownership,--they will feel that they have within the home a home of their own, and will have a satisfaction in keeping it neat and nice. The mother will necessarily have to inspect their work, and make suggestions and give instruction. This is the mother's work, and nothing should be permitted to come between her and her children.

Christian Temperance

and Bible Hygiene 

P 142-143