When God Gave Mother

A Message

     Many years ago in San Salvador in Central America there lived a mother, father and their little son, whom we will call Pedro.  One night Father was gone on a trip.  Little Pedro and his young friend, Juan, were sound asleep in bed.

     All at once about nine-thirty Mother had a feeling that something terrible was about to happen.  She looked around.  Everything was calm and quiet.  But still she felt that trouble was coming.  Was Jesus trying to tell her something?  She wondered.

     “Pedro! Juan!  Wake up!” she said as she patted them.  “I want to help you get dressed.”

     Obediently the children got up, and mother helped them button their shirts and put on their trousers.  Then they went to the kitchen.  Mother put a cot by the kitchen door.  Just outside was a large field.  They all waited, but nothing happened.

     You may go to sleep here on this cot.”  Mother said as she helped the boys get comfortable.

     Then she knelt to pray.  She asked Jesus if she should be thinking so seriously.  She opened her Bible, and there were the words in Psalms 46: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  I am sure God is telling me trouble is coming, she thought. 

     “Please show me what to do, dear God.” She prayed.

     When Mother arose from her knees, she went to the cupboard.

     Taking out some food, she wrapped it carefully in a cloth.  Then she wrapped some clothes in a little bundle.  She put the clothes and food by the door.  I must have everything right here ready to leave with the children, she decided.

     Two hours went by while mother wondered.  Suddenly, just at twelve o’clock midnight, there was a great crash and terrible screams.  The boys woke up.  Quickly Mother hurried them to the field as she carried the bundle of food and clothes.  They could see walls swaying and falling but they were safe from the great earthquake.

     When morning came, it was found that a part of their bedroom wall had fallen.  If they had slept in that room they would have been killed.

     But Mother had listened to God, and she obeyed Him.  And Pedro and Juan had listened to Mother and they obeyed her.  What a wonderful gift Jesus gives children when He gave them mothers and daddies—especially when mothers and daddies choose to listen to Jesus and obey Him.  Have you thanked Jesus today for your parents?

Carolyn S.