A Mother Touch


Mother’s Prayer



     How many times has the remembrance of a mother's prayers and admonitions checked the absent child when about to yield to temptation. "When I was a child," said an old man, "my mother used to bid me kneel down beside her, and placing her hand on my head, she would implore God's blessing on her boy. Before I was old enough to know her worth, she died, and I was left to my own guidance. I was naturally inclined to evil, but again and again I was restrained by the thought of my mother's prayers. When a young man, I traveled much, and was exposed to many temptations. But when I would have yielded to temptation, I seemed to feel the pressure of my mother's hand upon my head, and I was saved. Sometimes there came with it a voice in my heart, a voice that must be obeyed: "O do not this wickedness, my son; sin not against thy God.",  



ST August 20, 1902